ICANN68: A Guide for YOUTH


Understanding the complex world of ICANN ecosystem and its policy making process is not easy. And even more so in a virtual environment.

Youth4IG organised a prep session for youth to help them engage better at ICANN68. It included a run through of key policy discussions at ICANN68 to what to expect and tips on how to thrive in a virtual conference.

This is fully:  Of the youth, by the youth, for the youth! Over 40 participants from all over the globe tuned in. 

With love, from Youth4IG: Handy resources to survive ICANN68

Elliot from Australia, Jaewon from S, Korea and Mili from India shared tips, tricks and hacks with the youth members. 

Cheat Sheet and Session reports

We have created a list of must-attend sessions at ICANN68 to help you navigate through the schedule, use it is as a shortcut if you are confused.  We encourage you to attend all sessions close to your expertise and area of interest, the cheat sheet is an indicative list. 

Youth4IG will also be publishing blogs or session reports for various sessions. If you would like to share your thoughts, kindly add your name next to the session you would like to rapporteur. Feel free to send in session reports for any other session you attend too.

The session report format is shared in the presentation. If you have any queries, email [email protected]

Tips for virtual meetings

  1. Make sure to have seamless supply of Coffee and water next to you
  2. Use the ICANN APP and personalise your schedule (it will auto convert to your time zone)
  3. Casual discussions with youth and other community members via social media, Youth4IG slack channel, etc.
  4. Be easy on yourself. Always remember all sessions are recorded and you can always go back to it (thanks for that great tip Sarah).
  5. Consider joining some of the mailings lists to get a sneak peak into the discussions before and after the meeting:

Food for thought

Yes ICANN has too many acronyms but without it the meetings would be nearly impossible. There was some dicussion in this session if we should develop our own glossary. What do you think?  Share via slack channel or at the next session.

Coming soon

  • Youth4IG will also host a Post ICANN68 readout for YOUTH. This session is aimed at discussing our collective learnings and also hear from some ICANN community members. Register Now!

  • Taiwan is organising a camp for youth involved in IG and ICANN on 5 and 7 September. Know more here
We would love to hear from you on how we can make these sessions better and what does the youth want to know more.
Hope you all find this useful and see you all at ICANN68 next week!
Thank you to all those who attended and made it a huge success. Special thanks to Sarah Kiden and Joanna Kulesza for sharing their thoughts. 

Full Session Video Recording below


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