How can women become NextGen IG Leaders #IWD2020 | Ep: 03


00:01:25  - Webinar Starts: Mili
00:04:00 - Amrita Choudhury: Women participation in Policy Discussions
00:06:55 - Amrita Choudhury: Women in decision making positions
00:12:43 - YingChu Chen: Internet Governance in Taiwan
00:21:00 - Afifa Abbas: Leadership roles of women in Internet 
Governance (fellowships & resources) 00:24:15 - Afifa Abbas: Women participation in Internet Governance 00:31:30 - Amrita Choudhury: Gender biasing in Internet Governance 00:35:05 - Amrita Choudhury: Getting more people into the
conversation at local and national events 00:38:20 - Afifa Abbas: On email lists for women APAC-I[email protected] 00:41:15 - Amrita Choudhury: On Women SIG 00:44:10 - Q&A: Samridh Kudesia - Amrita Choudhury 00:52:40 - YingChu Chen: On providing Safety measures & Information for everyone 00:57:40 - Webinar Ends

Youth4IG: Community Talks EpISODE: 3

In celebration of #IWD2020, our third Community Talks webinar will focus on inspiring women leaders in APAC. 👩‍💻 They’ll be sharing their experiences and inspire youth to not just take up STEM/tech but also to be involved in netgov policy.


  • Amrita Choudhury, CCAOI and Chapter leader of ISOC Delhi chapter
  • YingChu Chen, Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC)
  • Afifa Abbas, Banglalink and ICANN fellow


00:16:16	Mili:	Ah nice the Women SIG we should know more 
00:18:21	Jaewon Son:	agree!!
00:19:17	YingChu Chen:	Agree
00:19:48	Mili:	yes! women role model #muchneeded
00:19:53	YingChu Chen:	Some women really need more 
00:20:28	YingChu Chen:	Agree, the more your share, 
more you learn.
00:20:30	Farha Diba:	yes I agree the more you share the 
more you learn :)
00:20:45	Raashi Saxena:	Well said Amrita, you just described the Queen Bee syndrome :)
00:21:31	Afifa Abbas:	true
00:22:29	Jaewon Son:	yes grateful for the male 
participants here joining us:)
00:22:46	YingChu Chen:	Agree different gender need to have 
more empathy
00:24:09	Farha Diba:	yes
00:24:19	Farha Diba:	thanks yingchu
00:24:22	Mili:	True that! Thanks for joining and supporting all the men in the rome
00:24:25	Mili:	room*
00:25:29	Mili:	Taiwan is my fav country for so many reasons :D
00:33:27	Mili:	yes thats a great point! i think we need to 
keep this conversation going
00:34:10	Mili:	Apac ICT women!
00:36:13	Farha Diba:	yes we need more women in cyber 
00:36:28	Farha Diba:	especially in apac
00:36:56	YingChu Chen:	Actually we have women in 
cybersecurity and privacy or different area. But how to protect 
them and provide a safety environment to speak out.
00:37:18	Mili:	very valid! a safe environment is so 
00:38:28	Jaewon Son:	let's do that!
00:38:51	Mili:	we can also do women mentorships as a part 
of our upcoming mentorship programme
00:38:57	YingChu Chen:	How to provide a friendly and 
safety environment to different gender is an issue. I see some male 
participant use some not friendly words to attack women seekers.
00:39:07	YingChu Chen:	speakers* typo
00:39:32	Farha Diba:	Thanks Adli fo joining 
00:40:11	Raashi Saxena:	A safe environment online is 
00:40:29	YingChu Chen:	Thanks
00:40:33	Jaewon Son:	thank you for the speech 
00:41:01	Farha Diba:	Thanks Afifa apu fpr suggesting 
about the project :)
00:41:13	Farha Diba:	We noted 
00:46:09	Amrita Choudhury:	you can start with small steps...and then go ahead
00:46:16	Mili:	yes
00:47:26	Jaewon Son:	want to hear male participants' 
idea on this too:)
00:49:31	Raashi Saxena:	Can someone share that list here?
00:49:32	Karan Raj Baruah:	Hello all. But
00:49:36	Raashi Saxena:	*Email list
00:49:37	YingChu Chen:	This is from: 
[email protected]
00:49:46	Karan Raj Baruah:	*Im a bit late
00:50:09	Farha Diba:

00:50:16	YingChu Chen:	But it is quiet.
00:50:20	Farha Diba:	mailing list link
00:50:52	Farha Diba:	Its open for men
00:51:00	Farha Diba:	the mailing list 
00:51:44	Farha Diba:

00:52:13	Farha Diba:	[email protected]
00:53:05	Jaewon Son:	I didn't know there's women sig 
till today!will be joining that 
00:55:27	Farha Diba:	yes
00:56:03	Mili:	great question!
00:56:34	Jaewon Son:	thx for the thought!!!!!!
00:58:15	Jaewon Son:	maybe we can try to collaborate 
with women sig , apac ICT women, and other female group in the 
upcoming future
00:58:30	Amrita Choudhury:	Also in conferences...
reduce Manels  :)
00:58:51	Amrita Choudhury:	yes Jaewon
00:59:05	Mili:	yes J…we should find more viable ways
00:59:54	Amrita Choudhury:	Agree with you Afifa
01:00:14	Jaewon Son:	well said!
01:00:36	Samridh Kudesia:	Thanks for the inputs, 
01:03:19	Jaewon Son:	great idea!
01:07:48	Afifa Abbas:	Thank you all

01:08:00	Amrita Choudhury:	Thank you Farha and Mili..
great conversation 
01:08:07	Jaewon Son:	thank you for all the speakers and 
all the attendees. kudos to the organizers making this great 
session possible:)
01:08:13	YingChu Chen:	Thank you all and thanks for 
having me again.
01:08:14	Afifa Abbas:	Specially Farha and Mili
01:08:24	Jianne:	Thank you all!
01:08:27	Steven:	thank you all!
01:08:37	Ihita Gangavarapu:	Thank you all!!  
01:08:43	Amrita Choudhury:	bye all stay safe and happy weekend :)
01:08:45	Farha Diba:	Thanks to all
01:08:49	Afifa Abbas:	stay safe everyone!
01:08:51	Farha Diba:	stay fine
01:08:54	Jaewon Son:	hopefully soon!take care everyone 
01:08:54	YingChu Chen:	thank yo.

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