Contributing to IG Policy as APAC Youth!

What is Youth4IG?

Youth are future leaders. They have an important role to play in Internet Governance (IG) thus engaging them is essential. Youth4IG is a home for youth in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC) to meet, share ideas, and contribute to the multi-stakeholder policy-making process for IG.

Our Story

Born over casual conversations on how to keep the Asian youth community in engaged in Internet governance, Youth4IG was founded by former Netmission Ambassador Mili Semlani after ICANN Kobe meeting. With a simple goal to unite and strengthen the voice of Asian youth in IG, this dynamic coalition was started with the help of the vibrant fellows community in Asia and support from DotAsia and APNIC.

Our Mission


Maintain Youth4IG as a network to discuss IG issues and become a jargon-free, age friendly resource group for new and young participants


Empower young IG leaders to develop ideas, share contributions, express views and strengthen youth voice in the IG ecosystem


Contribute to IG policy as APAC Youth locally and globally and thus reinforce the voice of the region.

What We Do

Community Talks

A virtual work meeting/discussion/webinar or knowledge exchange, we come together to disucss IG policy hot topics, work on workshop proposals or other capacity building initiatives.


We are currently building a Mentorship programme. It is a buddy programme for APAC youth in IG to bridge the gap that young fellows feel after various IG fellowships and thus enable them to continue their IG engagement.

yIGF Leaders Network

A resource group for leaders or organisers of yIGFs across APAC to come together, share best practices, collaborate and enable stronger youth participation.


Mili Semlani

A tech, policy and business journalist; Mili is the founder of Youth4IG. She aspires to build Asia's largest youth movement in IG and has been APrIGF, ICANN and inSiG Fellow. She is an MSG member.

Mandy Chen

An internet researcher at NIIEPA who works on various projects ranging from internet governance models to cyber security. An anthropologist in the Internet Governance world. We need more anthros in here!

Jianne Soriano

Jianne, a Filipino-Hongkonger based in Japan. She has helped empower youth to be more involved in internet governance dialogues. She was a former United Nations IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group member in 2018.

Elliott Mann

Elliott is an undergraduate student, interested in the areas of privacy and data protection, particularly in developing and emerging economies. Attended ICANN64 as NextGen, APIGA Fellow and IGF Youth Ambassador.

Korry Luke

He first became involved in Internet governance as a fellow to the APIGA 2018 and attended ICANN64 in Kobe, Japan, as a NextGen participant. He is a member of ISOC Japan and the WIDE Project, and he is involved with the Youth4IG initiative in the Asia-Pacific region.

Ashwin Reddy

Ashwin is an undergraduate in electronics and communications from India. An Internet governance enthusiast, attended ICANN64, and been a fellow at APIGA 2019, inSIG 2019, YouthIGF India 2019. Also owns a digital marketing firm 8FX.

Jaewon Son

Jaewon Son is a Committee Member of KIGA, where she initiated the youth session in Korea. Besides attending APIGA 2018, APrIGF 2018, APNIC 48, and ICANN 67 as a fellow, she attended ICANN 63 as a civilian expert appointed by KISA, ICANN 64 as a NextGen, APIGA 2019 as a mentor, IGF 2019 as a speaker, and ICANN 66 as a NextGen Ambassador.

Youth4IG Mentorship CLASS - 2020

Youth usually feel lost after the first few IG experiences or fellowships. Youth4IG aims to connect and uplift youth in the Asia-Pacific region to become further engaged in Internet Governance through relationships with those who are already experienced and engaged in the area. Sort of making friends!


Samiran Gupta

Samiran Gupta is the Head of India for ICANN.

Donna Austin

Donna Austin is the Senior Policy Manager at Neustar.

Working GROUP

Mohammad Atif Aleem (TA)

Jasmine Ko (TA)

Mandy Chen (Co-CHAIR)

Jianne Soriano​ (Co-CHAIR)


Join Asia's IG youth movement

Who can be a member?
  • Anyone between the ages of 15-35* can join.
  • Must be enthusiastic and interested in IG both on a local and regional level and preferably have had at least one IG event either locally, regionally or globally.
  • Currently reside in the Asia-Pacific region or are nationals of an Asia-Pacific state.
* Members above 35 are welcome to join our ‘Seniors advisor club’ as long as they meet the other criteria.

Get in touch

For any more queries, suggestions, comments or just words of encouragement writes to us at: [email protected]

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